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Introduction of Redfinger the Magician in Cross Gate: A New World

When it comes to Cross Gate: New World, Magicians are one of the three major magical occupations. They are well-known for their high damage-inflicting skills and expertise in elemental magic, making them a popular pick for dealing out massive destruction. The main focus of Magicians is to use their powerful abilities to the fullest to achieve maximum damage. In addition, their special ability gives them the ability to attack multiple enemies at once, which makes them an ideal choice for leading a team because of their superior attacking power.

It is obvious that high damage presents certain drawbacks. Chief among them is the susceptibility of magicians with low health and defense in the early game, which makes them prime targets in PvP (player versus player) fights. However, as their proficiency and expertise develop afterwards, they become capable of dealing considerable damage while also enduring attacks. This metamorphosis makes them a great pick for team captains.

An evaluation of the capabilities of a Magician is possible by analyzing their skillset.

Magicians can wield potent yet straightforward capabilities, which are based on four main elements: wind, fire, earth, and water. These magics can be used to harm multiple targets, thereby allowing magicians to easily cause substantial harm. The choice of skills is dependent on the effects of special talent abilities. Aside from these elemental magics, a unique vampire magic is present. This skill permits magicians to reclaim half of the inflicted damage in the form of their own health. It is noteworthy that as magicians progress to higher levels, they become accomplished in both inflicting damage and withstanding attacks.

The Proficiencies of a Magician are illustrated in their Talent Points.

Magicians in the game have two distinct talents. The first, Magic Armor, enhances their earth and water magic abilities. Passive skills in this tree increase their armor and health substantially, safeguarding them from enemy assaults and averting death in battle. After reaching level 20 with this talent, they can unlock a special skill called Cataclysm.

Players of various levels can utilize Cataclysm, a damaging power with a special capacity to reduce opponents’ magic reserves. When paired with the correct active abilities from the elements of water and earth, as well as the correct talents, damage output can be improved. For PvP fights, a tank setup can further up the power of Cataclysm, as it has the effect of forcing enemies to focus on healing. This is particularly advantageous when engaged with high-level magic wielders, whose vulnerability to spells is increased, and who cannot escape the mana depletion caused by Cataclysm. To understand the full scope of its strength, I suggest trying it out in an actual battle.

A depiction of the world of Cross Gate can be seen in the accompanying image. The gate appears in a new universe full of possibilities.

The Feathered Wings talent allocation is a playstyle that focuses on strengthening wind and fire elemental abilities as well as agility and magical attack. Its main purpose is to increase the damage done. Additionally, magicians can use their agility to amplify their magical attack power and generate even more destruction.

When players reach level 20 in their talent skills, they can access Spell Storm, which has an incredible output multiplier and is capable of activating the Wind Assisting the Fire effect in real-time combat. This talent amplifies the damage inflicted by fire elemental skills after wind attribute skills have been released. However, given the focus on burst damage with this allocation, it is crucial to have a healer in the party. Without proper healing, there is a chance of losing a great deal of damage if the magician is targeted and defeated by the enemy before they can tap into their full power.

In Summary

If you choose not to invest money into Cross Gate: New World, the Feathered Wings playstyle is the recommended option as it offers a high damage output. However, if you are a paying player, the Magic Armor talent should be the one to focus on as it will provide passive bonuses to enhance your tankiness and increase mana depletion effects, improving your overall combat performance. Additionally, regardless of your financial status, you can enhance your magician’s combat abilities by utilizing the Redfinger¬†Android emulator.

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