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What Is the Process of Rekeying a Lock?

You can always purchase and install brand-new locks if you need your home’s door locks rekeyed. However, this is a costly solution to a simple problem; it wastes locks and doorknobs to gain new keys.

Rekeying a lock is a simple process. It is a 30-minute task that requires only a rekey kit and a current key. It saves money and provides an opportunity to learn lock operation. It’s an inexpensive and enjoyable project.

Here, we will give readers essential info about how the rekeying process works and when to rekey a lock.


Replacing an old lock with a new one is changing a lock. Rekeying involves switching the lock’s operational key without replacing the lock’s entire hardware.

To replace a lock, you can dismantle it and replace a few tumblers or key pins inside instead of removing the entire lock. This method gives a cost-effective and efficient alternative to replacing the whole lock.

Furthermore, Rekeying involves replacing key pins in a lock with new ones, causing the old key to no longer have an extended function. This process requires the use of appropriate tools and a matching key.

However, the lock rekeying process is quicker and less expensive than replacing it; it does not affect security. The number of pins within the lock determines its level of protection. So, as long as you swap out all the old pins for new ones, it will continue to be as secure as before.

Typical situations when rekeying becomes necessary

The keys were stolen or misplaced.

When your keys are stolen or misplaced, you may feel like replacing the entire lock is the only option. However, rekeying a lock is typically a more economical and effective solution. This is particularly true if you’re concerned that uninvited guests may find the misplaced keys and have access to your house.

You moved into another home.

Inspecting the lock system thoroughly is essential when moving to a new house.

 By changing the locks, you can be sure that the only people who can enter your house are you and the people you provide the new keys to.

The previous owners may have handed over all keys, but it’s still being determined who else may have had access to them before you moved in.

Rekeying locks ensures that only you and those you share the new keys with can access your home.

You want a single key for all the locks.

Owning a house with multiple locks with each key can be inconvenient, especially in emergencies.

Rekeying all your locks to match the same key can resolve this issue. Still, for this to work, all locks must come from the same manufacturer or have the same kind of keyhole.

How to Rekey a Deadbolt Lock?

You can rekey your deadbolt if it needs a different key from your entry doorknob. Remove the deadbolt from the door and replace it with a doorknob to rekey it.

  • Remove deadbolt screws.
  • Remove the cylinder and endcap from the housing.
  • Remove the retainer pin.
  • Repin like a doorknob.
  • Replace the cylinder, retainer pin, endcap, and housing.

 Re-check the bolt and reattach the lock.

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