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Overcome Your Tough Situation with Your Jewellery

Life does not remain similar all the time. It is the most vital truth of life that changes every day. Everybody may face a tough situation in life and wonder how to get out of this situation?

Sometimes we need a lot of cash to get out of certain issues. Suppose you have some jewellery, things become easier for you to collect that money and bear up with the expenses. We will guide you on how to get the best value for your jewellery.

How to get the best value for diamond jewellery:

  • Find the original value of your diamond jewellery. You must remember that you will never get back the original amount, even if it’s in flawless condition.
  • You must always try to avoid the pawnshops to get the best prices. You’ll likely receive an offer for a small fraction of the diamond’s value at pawn shops.
  • In the same way, don’t expect to get a fair price for your diamond from a local jewellery store.
  • The resale value generally depends on the carat, weight, colour, cut quality, clarity and numerous other factors to get the best amount of cash for diamond jewellery

How to get the best value for gold jewellery:

  • Calculate the correct weight and caratage of the jewellery before selling. Keep the jewellery receipts so that you can approach multiple jewellers to get the best price for your assets.
  • A hallmark sign on gold jewellery is significant to find its purity. The buyer would always prefer hallmark gold jewellery.
  • Try to find a jeweller with a reputed brand to sell your gold jewellery. In most cases, pawn shops and gold buyers often indulge in malpractices. So, try to find out any reputed jeweller to get the best selling value for your gold.
  • Before selling your gold jewellery, check the wastage of the gold value. At times, jewellers generally deduct money for up to 20% of waste. In the case of gold jewellery with stones, it is regarded to have a higher waste. While calculating the charges, you might never get back the same amount at the time of buying.
  • You must find the market value of your gold jewellery when selling it. Be sure to check the price of gold per gram on the same day and choose the best deal for yourself.

How to get the best value for silver jewellery:

  • The advent of the Internet can help you get plenty of options to sell silver jewellery. You can choose an alternative of online selling to sell your silver jewellery to a storefront. Choose your favourite local reputed jeweller to solve your query regarding how to sell old silver ornaments to get the best value. Sometimes reputed jewellers also purchase unwanted silver and gold jewellery. You can get higher selling prices for your silver jewellery at the storefront, especially at a local jewellery shop.
  • You must know that silver consists of various alloys. Pure silver is marked “999,” containing 99.9% silver. Generally, jewellery is ideal and made from a silver alloy. Sterling silver is ideal for making jewellery as it is a very soft metal and scratches easily. When silver is mixed with other metals like copper, it becomes harder and more wearable.
  • Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver and has the mark of “925”. According to their purity, other markings may include “800” for 80% silver and “500” for 50% silver. You must look for these markings on your silver jewellery to ensure that you’re selling real silver jewellery and not costume jewellery.
  • Consider the market price of silver before you sell. This information on the current price will help you negotiate the sale price. For the best deals, try to weigh your pieces at home and calculate approximately the worth using the current value of silver.


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