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How are Custom Granite and Quartz Countertops Made?

You love the look of quartz and granite countertops, but you think a custom piece must be complicated to have installed in your Toledo area home. At The Countertop Shop, we are committed to making your experience simple and easy while delivering a gorgeous product.

Step 1: You Choose the Perfect Slab for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Update

While you are picking out your cabinets, flooring, and tiles, spend some time in our showroom and select the piece of granite or quartz that makes you smile the most. We set it aside with your name on it until your home is ready for measuring.

Step 2: We Measure Your Kitchen in the Perrysburg or Toledo Area

Once your base cabinets and appliances are in their final position, our professional home team visits your house and creates a precise template for your countertops. The measuring process only takes an hour or two. The specs are entered into our computer to guarantee an accurate result.

Step 3: Our Fabrication Shop Shapes Your New Countertops

Back at The Countertop Shop, our expert fabricators enter the dimensions of your template into a CNC robotic saw. We cut the granite or quartz to match your specs. We add the edge of your choice, polish the surface according to your order, and apply a factory sealant.

Step 4: We Personally Install Your Completed Counters

Once your counters are cut, our installation team brings it to your home. We maneuver each section into place. Seams are sealed with matching resins for a near invisible join. Cutouts are created for your faucet.

Installation usually takes four to eight hours. The surface must sit for 24 to 48 hours to allow the seams to dry.

Now…you can move in!

Custom Quartz and Granite Countertops are Easier than You Expect

When you work with the pros at The Countertop Shop, ordering a custom counter is just as easy as using any other type of material. If this will be the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams, indulge yourself with a gorgeous piece of quartz or granite. Give us a call to schedule your visit to our showroom today.

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