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Avoid A Few Mistakes When You Buy Wholesale from China

China has emerged as a major source of several industrial and consumable products at a very low cost. Therefore, the majority of businesses these days prefer to buy wholesale from China.

In this article, we will unveil the common mistakes importers commit when purchasing wholesale goods from China.

1. Poor first impression

Rushing inquiries without introduction signals disinterest, portrays unprofessionalism, and may deter vendors from offering favourable terms or support.

2. No backup supplier options

While bulk sourcing, relying solely on one supplier risks market uncertainty and leaves no backup if issues arise during collaboration.

3. Assume that the manufacturer fully understands you

Assuming clarity in communication and overlooking details may lead to misunderstandings, quality issues, and unexpected surprises in the end.

4. Not well presenting both your “want” and “need”

Unclear requests lead to manufacturers’ disinterest. Groundwork before engagement is crucial. Distinguish between wants and needs to avoid overlooking suitable suppliers.

5. Drive a heavy bargain with the factory

Unrealistic bargains can deter suppliers, diminishing interest and potentially leading to missed business opportunities and strained relationships.

6. Too soon, start negotiating cheaper costs with suppliers.

Avoid bargaining with existing suppliers without placing orders. It creates false expectations and may harm future responsiveness and relationships.

7. Overestimate your profit margins

Consider additional costs beyond unit cost when importing from China. Include quality inspection, customs duties, taxes, and various other hidden expenses.

8. Pick the lowest offer without second thoughts.

Beware of low prices. Ensure quality and understand all costs. Verify terms like Ex-works or FOB and clarify freight forwarder charges upfront.

9. Improper packaging for your goods

Verify packaging details with Chinese manufacturers, especially for e-commerce businesses neglecting this step can lead to damage and loss.

10. Fail to insure your goods

Opting out of cargo insurance risks losing all goods and investments in case of accidents coverage is inexpensive and prudent.

11. Fail to ask for a sample

Requesting free samples may signal lack of seriousness. Consider costs and discuss sharing or reimbursement with the supplier.

12. Communication only via online channels

More personal contact beyond online communication, like phone calls or video meetings, helps in supplier verification, relationship building, and understanding.

13. Fail to write down all necessary details on the documents

Document all essential details for legal effectiveness and dispute resolution, including product specs, packaging, quality standards, and more.

14. Place an order disregarding the language barrier

Invest in reliable language assistance to ensure clarity and avoid misunderstandings rather than risking costly errors or scams.

15. Wait for a perfect supplier

Seek the best-fit supplier, understanding there is no perfection. Educate and filter suppliers for optimal cooperation and long-term success.

16. Fail to follow up

Regularly follow up on your order to prevent issues like material shortages or production discrepancies, ensuring smooth transactions.

17. Fail to inspect your products

Implement a quality inspection system to prevent defects and ensure product quality, safeguarding against potential losses.

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