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All you need to know about Wow

As a cable Internet, TV, and phone provider, WOW! is a well-known name in the Midwestern region. (It stands for “Wide Open West” and is an acronym.) There are a lot of mixed reviews about WOW!, but many of our readers have found it to be the best option for their needs.

They are known for their streaming-friendly unlimited data policies and providing local, affordable bundle plans. After learning how fast and responsive their network is, you’ll be able to decipher the specifics of their plans, TV selections, and hardware specifications.


  • There are no limits on the amount of data that can be transferred
  • Speeds that are above average.
  • Bundle deals that save you money


  • Customers’ opinions are divided on this one.
  • Availability is restricted
  • 1–2 year contracts are required for the best prices.
WOW! Plans for Internet, TV, and Phone

Overall, WOW Internet Services has received high marks for being more affordable than many of their competitors and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Because their Internet-only service has no data caps, WOW! is well-known for being cord-cutter-friendly. If you want to watch Netflix all day and night without paying a dime, you can. They also have month-to-month plans that don’t require a contract.

Astonishing Internet and Network Speed and Performance

Here is a list of cities where WOW! is popular and their average speeds. M-Labs, Google’s standard speed test, and other experts have gathered tens of thousands of speed tests over the past year, and these results are based on that data.

Where can you find WOW?

Across the Midwest and South, WOW! is widely available in major and medium-sized cities. Wide Open West (as the name suggests) Their coverage area includes Detroit, Augusta, Chicago, and other smaller cities.

WOW! Cable is the most common form of network technology

COAX cable technology is used by WOW! primarily, which is why the black-rubber-coated cables look so untidy on the side of your home. In some areas, they’ve begun deploying pure fiber lines.

Because their “cable” service utilizes fiber and coaxial cable to deliver TV signals to your home, it can technically be considered a fiber-coaxial hybrid. (Even if fiber is available on the street, it will cost thousands of dollars to connect a single home to it.) as a result, WOW! can pass those savings on to customers and offer a lower-priced service by using this system instead of installing a pure Fiber to the Home network.

In addition, the installation of fiber optic cables in the premises to which they are to be connected is frequently time-consuming and labor-intensive. It’s easy to get cable in most houses because it’s so widely available.

Even though WOW’s 500 Mbps service is becoming more common, 100% availability is still a ways off. The availability of gigabit service, which can deliver download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps, is still quite rare. There are areas in Alabama and Georgia where DSL lines are used, resulting in slower download and upload speeds for those customers than cable or fiber connections.

Options and costs for installation

When it comes to WOW’s installation fee, some of the customers we spoke with said they were able to get it reduced as part of their contract negotiations. We recommend that you inquire about it when you speak to a sales representative to begin service. It is frequently provided free of charge as a bonus during local promotions. The company offers next-day installation in several locations for those in dire need of Internet access right away. Self-installation is not an option at this time.

  • Installation costs $20 to $50.
  • Moving-related setup costs
  • No need to pay for the use of a Gateway.
  • A DVR rental fee of $7 to $20
  • HDR Early Termination Fees range from $10 to $15. (ETF)
Options available with Wow

WOW! prefers to provide their customers with routers for rent, as do the majority of cable providers. It used to be common for them to include free routers in their service area, but lately, they’ve been breaking them out into a separate line item on their bills.

Based on the number of devices and equipment rented, WOWrouter !’s fees can be quite pricey. Customers who want a TV platform and a Wi-Fi router in one box will appreciate the “ULTRA” Gateway with two Media Players, which retails for $25 in most markets. (More on the ULTRA box below where we cover WOW! TV.) The monthly fee for a basic wireless modem is around $10.

This hardware is frequently the subject of upselling attempts by the company’s sales and service personnel. You may, however, bring your modem and other electronic devices. Keep in mind that not every piece of equipment will work together.

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