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4 Ways That Appraisals Help With Car Accident Claims Baldwin

The aftermath of a serious auto accident can involve a lot of issues. You want to settle the matter of what will happen with the vehicle as soon as possible. Fortunately, auto appraisals can go a long way toward providing the answers. While your insurance provider is sure to want a professional appraisal, there’s always the option of having one done yourself. Here are some of the ways appraisals can aid in settling car accident claims Baldwin and helping automobile owners move past what has happened.

Evaluating the Scope of the Damage

An appraiser will be looking closely that the amount of damage done to the vehicle. The goal is to determine how much of an impact the accident has had on the worth of that vehicle. This makes it possible to determine the amount of diminished value that has taken place.

In some cases, the damage may be minor and easy to repair. It may have little to no impact on the worth of the vehicle. At other times, the damage may be so extensive that it causes a severe loss of value. That information will come in handy as decisions are made about what to do next.

Identifying the Cost of Repairs Versus the Car’s Fair Market Value

Thanks to the appraisal, you know what sort of change has taken place in the car’s market value. That can be compared to the overall costs of replacement parts and the repairs that the car will need before it’s road-worthy again. The difference between the two figures will determine what the insurance provider will want to do.

Simply put, if the appraisal results indicate that the cost of repairing the car will be more than it’s value, the provider is likely to make an offer to total the car. Keep in mind that you are under no obligation to accept that offer. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if you want to keep the car or accept the offer to total the vehicle.

Deciding if Repairs are the Most Practical Solution

For reasons of your own, you may choose to keep the car and have it repaired. If the insurance provider has offered to total it, don’t look for any financial help with the repairs. You will be on your own.

Still, you may have reasons that are good enough to proceed with the repairs. It may have to do with sentimental connections to the vehicle, or there may be some other reason that is outside the scope of what the provider would consider legitimate factors. You can use the appraisal results to decide if repairing and keeping the car is worth it to you.

Challenging the Findings of the Insurance Provider

Perhaps you’re not sure about the results provided by the appraiser that your insurance provider recommended. If you do wonder about them, it’s within your rights to hire a professional appraiser of your own. In the event that there’s a significant difference in the findings of the two appraisers, you may have grounds to challenge the offer issued by the provider.

In this scenario, it helps to understand that offers and settlements related to car accident claims Baldwin are not necessarily the last word. While it may be implied that the insurance company is providing you with a take it or leave solution, many will negotiate if the appraisal you had done is different from the one they had arranged.

If you have any reason to think that there’s an issue with the offer made by your insurance provider, don’t hesitate to seek out one of your own. The outcome could help you keep your car, or at least end up with a better settlement.

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