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4 Situations That Call For Help From a Certified Auto Appraiser Seattle

When there’s the need to have a vehicle appraised, the smart move it to take it to a professional who is properly certified. In some cases, it’s not just a matter of needing the expertise that a certified auto appraiser Seattle beings to the table. It’s also the fact that the findings of a certified professional are likely to be recognized by others. Here are a few situations that would call for help from this type of professional.

Arranging Your Estate Planning

Your goal with the estate planning is to ensure that your wishes are as clear as possible. That includes determining how your assets will be divided among your heirs. You’ll find that appraising any classic or antique vehicles in your possession will prove helpful.

Doing so is particularly important when the plan is to leave a more or less equal share of your assets to multiple heirs. With accurate projections of the market value, it will be easier to determine who should be given what.

Performing Your Duties as an Executor

When you are the executor for an estate, there are decisions to be made. This is especially true when the instructions left were to sell everything and then divide the proceeds between several heirs. You want to make sure that the price for each asset is in line with the current market value.

To that end, a certified appraiser can provide information that helps you set those sale prices. If there are any questions from the heirs later on, it’s easy enough to provide the appraisal results to justify your actions.

Dividing Assets as Part of a Divorce Settlement

When a couple decides to split, decisions must be made about the marital assets. Identifying the worth of large items, like vehicles, can be key to the process. Doing so can aid in ensuring each person receives a reasonable share of those assets.

A certified auto appraiser Seattle can evaluate all vehicles owned by the couple and provide a detailed report including the market value. That document can be used as part of the process of dividing the assets. In some cases, this one thing will help lower the chances for arguments about how to divide the assets.

Dealing With an Insurance Company

You were involved in an accident that was not your fault. The provider for the responsible party wants to total your vehicle. The thing is that you believe they undervalued the vehicle so they could resolve the matter quickly by having it totaled.

If you have reasons to believe this, hire a certified appraiser. If the appraisal results indicate the pre-accident value of the car was much more than the provider claims, you may have grounds to counter the offer and enter into negotiations. That appraisal would also be helpful if the matter ends up in court.

These are only some of the situations that call for the aid of a certified auto appraiser. If you need an appraisal at any time, make sure the professional that you seek out has the proper credentials. That will ensure those results will help settle the issue you are facing.

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